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Product Update 2

Product Update 2

What have we been up to? – over the past month, since the last blog post, we’ve been BUSY. We’re putting the finishing touches on The Method and have been working on some new stuff as well. Things are moving along as planned and were still looking at an April or May launch date. Thank you again for your patience.


As promised, here’s some additional info on The Method saddle.


Materials: The Method is tough. We wanted to beef up the materials to ensure maximum durability so your saddle can handle anything you put it through. This was a challenge though because we also focused on keeping the saddle lightweight and compact. After doing some research we were able to come up with the perfect materials to accomplish our design goals. First, the saddle will have a heavy-duty, multi-webbing skeleton. The Method’s design features two types of webbing: one that’s rigid to keep the saddles shape intact and one that’s tough but more malleable to make sure it conforms to each person’s unique shape. This skeleton is supporting a super lightweight and surprisingly tough mesh material that softens as the saddle is broken in. This combination of materials will allow us to deliver a saddle that’s extremely tough, yet lightweight and packable.


Redundant Safety: As we have discussed in the past, our goal is to involve you, the end user, the opportunity to weigh in on our design decisions. After enlisting the input of several experienced and new saddle hunters, one of the features we decided to add was redundant safety. We’ve added a component to our system that will allow you to have a second connection point to the tree if you choose to do so. This redundant safety feature is accomplished by using your linesman belt and our unique belt buckle that has a built-in loop. This way, new hunters can feel safer in the tree, or you can have extra piece of mind if you are putting a loved one in the saddle.


Tether/Bridge Adjustability: In the previous blog post, we mentioned a uniquely adjustable tether and bridge option. The adjustability component features an innovative slider piece that allows you to adjust your bridge and tether one-handed. We’ve had some feedback on the options currently on the market and being able to adjust with only one hand came up quite frequently. Therefore, we set out to find a solution and this will be delivered in the spring.


Pouch- The Latitude Outdoors pouch was essentially 100% designed by our product testers. We asked them to specifically pay attention to how they use their pouches and provide us with feedback on what they like, dislike, and wish they had. We compiled this information to and translated it into our pouch. The pouch will feature the same mesh material that we use for the saddle. It’s extremely tough, easy to manipulate, and keeps its shape for easy access. The pouch also includes a sealable front pouch and a gear loop. The picture below shows a prototype.


That’s it for now! More coming soon. Thanks for reading and we will be in touch soon. Please reach out anytime with comments or questions.