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Design Intro 1: The Method Saddle

Design Intro 1: The Method Saddle


Thanks for checking in. First, I'd like to provide a quick launch update and then I'll share some features of our saddle design. Our launch timeline is moving along as scheduled, and we are currently automating our manufacturing process and completing some final safety testing. Our goal is to be ready for a full product launch in April or May.  

Over the past several months we have been collecting feedback from anyone willing to give their opinion on The Method saddle. This feedback was applied to our design and then tested in the field by our team and product testers. As promised, we’d like to share some of this feedback and how we will be delivering these features to you this Spring.  

Leg Straps- There was a clear division between those who use their leg straps on every hunt and those who do not use them at all. Among the people who use their leg straps, there was an obvious preference for adjustable straps. You guys made this one easy for us. The Method will feature a removable, adjustable leg strap design.

Bridge- We also explored the bridge component of our system and discovered most people prefer an adjustable bridge. According to the feedback, the bridge plays a significant role in comfort and its adjustability is crucial in optimizing this. However, we also had feedback from people who like to optimize their bridge length and then switch to a fixed version. Therefore, The Method bridge will be offered in both styles, fixed and adjustable. 

Fit- We’ve had a TON of feedback from individuals who don’t have an 'average build.' This group includes bigger people like bodybuilders, offensive linemen, 7-footers, etc. on one end of the spectrum and smaller people like aspiring Instagram models, horse jockeys, marathon runners, etc. on the other. We also had some people who were built more like Kim Kardashian- skinny at the waist with a little more ‘junk in the trunk,’ and some who were just the opposite. To accommodate these outlier physiques, we designed our system with more sizing options, and we aren’t just talking about XXS, XS, XL, 2XL, etc. We not only have a larger range of sizes than others currently on the market, we will also be delivering an extra layer of sizing that will make sure your saddle fits right on your hips AND on your backside. 

Hip Pinch- If you've been in the saddle world for a while you've probably heard the term 'hip pinch' several times. This common issue was one we specifically wanted to address in our design. We spent a lot of time on our bridge loops to make sure size, shape, and orientation minimized pressure on your hips. In testing, we found that there were two main factors that increased/decreased hip pinch. These two factors are orientation of loops (vertical or horizontal) and distance of bridge connection points to your hips. We have optimized these two factors and applied the specs to each of our different sizes. That way, no matter your build/size, your saddle will fit how it should to minimize any hip pinch that may have been experienced in the past.    

To summarize, The Method saddle was carefully designed to maximize comfort and versatility. You will be investing in a system that fits your unique physique, has removable, adjustable leg straps and allows you to choose adjustable and/or fixed bridge options. The Method was designed for YOU, based on comprehensive feedback from your peers. This feature description is not all inclusive and several other design elements will be presented in the coming weeks.  

Lastly, thank you again for signing up on the website. We promise it’s not some information gathering campaign and isn’t designed to give us a way to flood your inbox with marketing junk. We simply wanted to open a direct line of communication and will be using sign ups to gauge interest in an attempt to properly forecast. This will hopefully allow us to avoid inventory issues. More features and detailed info will continue to be released in this fashion over the next couple months. As always, if you have any suggestions or questions please reach out any time on social media or contact us directly at explore@latitudeoutdoors.com. Thank you!