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The Speed Series saddle platforms are designed for the optimization addict. They are designed to be as lightweight as possible while delivering the perfect balance between packability and maneuverability around the tree. You’ve decided to add a saddle to your arsenal so you can be lighter, quieter, and more compact, and it’s important that every component in your system supports this initiative.

The Rebel Platform is for the hunter who wants to invest in elite performance. At only 2.7 pounds, it delivers the best surface area to weight ratio available. It's pentagon shape supports maneuverability with meticulously designed perimeter edges to counteract gravitational pull into the tree. The rearward facing edges are longer making moves around the tree easier and safer, and their location relative to the pivot point on the post ensures the platform will not uncam when load is applied while taking a backside shot.

Mobile hunting is all about finding the style that works best for you. The ultra lightweight style is not for everyone, but if you’re working on building an elite saddle system designed for speed the Rebel Platform is a great option. Choose this platform if you want a lot foot room without sacrificing weight savings.



Penta Perimeter - Optimized outer edge angles for enhanced maneuverability and balance while pivoting for shot opportunities. The side angles on the platform were meticulously engineered to counteract gravitational pull into the tree for better shot stability.

Beveled Teeth -  Downward facing bevel for proper camming action and better stability on the tree.

Optimal Surface Area to Weight Ratio - Industry leading footroom to weight ratio.

Rear Facing Edge Placement - During testing we noticed it was possible to uncam platforms if load was applied to rear facing edges located behind the pivot point on the post. The Speed Series platforms feature our patent pending rear facing edge placement making it impossible to uncam the platform when load is applied.

Integrated ROS Guide - The Speed Series platforms feature a patent pending slot for those who want to integrate a ring of steps with their platform. This makes setup easier, safer, and faster. 

Raised Adjustment Knob - Easy to access adjustment knob for fast setup.



Weight: 44 oz  (weight calculated with CAD model, exact weight may vary slightly)

Dimensions: 11.95 in X 13.29 in

Material: 6061 Aluminum