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The Method Saddle - Metal Free

Inspired by the desire to eliminate the choice between light weight packability and comfortthe Method is the next generation in hunting saddlesUltra-compact for your hike in yet more supportive in the tree than traditional designs, the Method adapts to your personal hunting style from the moment you step out of your vehicleIt’s a Ferrari when you want to go fast and a Lazy Boy when you need to stick out an all-day sit in November. All of this at just over a pound and you will hardly notice it’s even there.

2-Panel Flexibility – Our patent pending design provides streamline profile with the most customizable and supportive comfort system of any saddle on the marketTwo pieces that function as one provides enhanced lower back support and improves your shooting posture. You will eliminate fidgeting in the tree from the all too common “my saddle rides up” dilemma without adding weight and bulk to your system.  

Metal Free Construction – Yes you read that rightthe first saddle without any noise making metal is now a realityWe replaced the traditional waist belt with our patent pending rope belt, built from Oplux, and using a load rated, adjustable climbing knot. The result is reduced weight, deadly silence, and an unexpected improvement in comfort while hiking. No longer will your saddle slide down from the weight of your dump pouches nor will your saddle buckle interfere with your hunting belt. Available on the "Metal Free" option only. 

Fade LoopsTM – There when you need them and gone when you don’t. Our patent pending lineman belt loop design provides an ergonomic, low-profile, and rigid loop in compact mode, but disappears after tethering into the tree and deploying the lower saddle panel.   

Vertical Support Skeleton TM (VSS) – We added vertical rigidity to the structure of The Method to prevent fabric bunching and provide better overall weight distribution. The result is additional comfort that exhibits characteristics closer to a supportive seat more often found on a premium tree stand than on a saddle.  

Removable Leg Straps – While they are an important safety item in the tree, leg straps are a pain when your busting brush or navigating a swamp for several miles in the dark. Our patent pending removable leg straps can be tucked away in a pouch while hiking and then attached with a snap at the base of the tree before climbing. Add in a customized G-hook design that cannot voluntarily unhook when you least expect it and the leg strap problem can now be marked resolved.  

Dual Adjustable Oplux Bridge – With 35 inches of adjustability and double prusik knot attachments on each bridge loop, fine tuning comfort is a breeze.   

Sizing: Up to 40” waist 

Weight Rating: 300 lbs 

Belt Buckle Saddle - 25oz  

Metal Free Saddle - 21oz 

Leg Straps - 2oz 


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Pro Tip – If you are new to saddle hunting, most will add a couple pouches, one on each hip, for easy storage and access to their ropes and other accessories. Check out our unique rendition on the traditional “dump pouch” to further optimize the efficiency of your system.