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Black Diamond LiteForge Screwgate Carabiner

When selecting a carabiner to match with our system, we put a premium on overall weight and quality. This led us to select the Black Diamond carabiners, one of the most reputable brands in the climbing industry producing some of the lightest carabiners available. Hot forged in the USA, you can be sure you're hanging from a product held to the highest of safety standards. The compact design compliments the streamline lineman loops found on our saddles to eliminate the carabiner bulk found in your system. 

  • Accommodates a clove hitch
  • Hot-Forged for lighter-weight construction
  • Keylock nose prevents snagging
  • Screwgate sleeve
  • Type B “Basic”, locking connector


Color: Matte Black

Material: Hot forged aluminum

Gate Type: Locking screwgate

Weight: 45g / 1.59oz

Major Axis Strength: 24kN (5,395 lbf)

Minor Axis Strength: 8kN (1798 lbf)

Open Gare Strength: 8kN (1798 lbf)

Product Instructions

Product Instructions - Regulation Locking Carabiner Instructions

Product Instructions - Cleaning