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If you prioritize simplicity, weight, and stealth then this is a product built for you.

The Classic 2 is the first and only third party tested, metal free single panel saddle on the planet. Premium features and industry leading weight displacement technology in an ultra-light, metal-free, 20oz package, create a radically comfortable fit and feel. The Classic 2 is streamline, comfortable, and easy to operate. It's so good at what it does, you are likely to forget you're even wearing it. 

***Our removable leg straps are included with the saddle!

The Classic 2 is manufactured right here in the USA; check out the video below to see  the process in action!


Metal Free - After hundreds of hours of testing, our patent pending rope belt design is now a reality for those who prefer a single panel style saddle. The Oplux rope belt stays tight and completely eliminates saddle sag, pinching, and discomfort while heading into your tree and removes the possibility of noise making metal. 

Free Floating Belt - Not only is the belt metal free, but the Patent Pending design is built into a channel within the structure of the saddle so that you can place the knot and saddle wherever you prefer to optimize comfort while hiking. 

Vertical Support Skeleton (VSS) - On traditional saddle designs, a majority of your weight is held by the top and bottom straps creating pinching and hot spots on longer sits. The VSS distributes your weight throughout the entire saddle, eliminating this problem and significantly improving comfort.

Optimized Fit - Incorporating customer feedback from the original Classic saddle, the Classic 2 is larger from bridge loop to bridge loop to better accommodate a wider range of body sizes and cold weather clothing. 

Adjustable Amsteel Bridge - Built from Amsteel and hand spliced in the USA, our adjustable bridge is stronger than steel but light enough to float on water. It provides 35 inches of adjustability so fine-tuning comfort is a breeze.

Removable Leg Straps- Equipped with our upgraded G-hooks, our leg straps are removable so they don't constrict you walking in, but can be attached at the base of the tree in a snap before climbing.  

Specs & Sizing

Saddle - 20oz

Leg Straps - 3oz

Weight Rating - 300lbs

One size fits most