The Method 2
The Method 2
The Method 2
The Method 2
The Method 2
The Method 2
The Method 2
The Method 2

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The Method 2

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REG - Up to 34 inch Waist
XL - 35 inch +

Our industry leading two-panel saddle technology is more efficient, streamline, and comfortable than ever before. Inspired by the need to eliminate the choice between streamline or comfortable saddle options, the Method 2 saddle is ultra-compact while navigating the timber, yet more supportive in the tree than traditional designs. The Method 2 adapts to your personal hunting style from the moment you step out of your vehicle, minimizing bulk when you need to move fast and optimizing comfort during an all-day sit. 

Available in Regular and XL sizes to find a fit that works best for you and our removable leg straps are included with the saddle.

The Method 2 is manufactured right here in the USA. Check out the video below to see the process in action!


Two Panel Flexibility – Our Patented design provides a streamline profile with a highly customizable and supportive comfort system. With its minuscule 9-inch profile while hiking, you will hardly even notice it’s there, however, infinite adjustability once in the tree makes for extreme comfort in any situation. Optimize support where your body type needs it most by manipulating top and bottom panel location along with how weight is distributed between the two. The results are less fidgeting, enhanced lower back support, and elimination of the all-too-common hip pinch dilemma.

Quick Connect Panel System – To experience the full benefits of a two-panel saddle, it must operate in a compact fashion while on the ground but then seamlessly deploy once at height…enter our Patented Quick Connect system. With strategically located rare earth magnets, the lower panel of the Method saddle can be deployed and reattached with eyes closed. No fiddling with clips or adjustment straps at the end of the night, simply raise your lower panel towards your waistline and it will quietly “jump” into its proper location, firmly affixed to your top panel. Magnets are protected with the same coatings used for industrial grade windmills ensuring they remain weather and waterproof.

Metal Free Construction – The first saddle with metal free construction, we replaced the traditional waist belt with our proprietary rope belt design. Built from a custom blend of Dyneema and polyester and using a load rated adjustable climbing knot, our rope belt reduces weight, is deadly silent, has infinite adjustment, and prevents the saddle from falling down while hiking.

Free Floating Belt - Not only is the belt metal free, but the design is built into a channel within the structure of the saddle so that you can place the knot and saddle wherever you prefer to optimize comfort while hiking. 

Lineman Loops – There when you need them and gone when you don’t. Our dedicated lineman belt loops provide a large, ergonomic, and rigid loop when the two-panels are connected but disappear after tethering into the tree and deploying the lower saddle panel.

Contoured Vertical Support Skeleton (VSS) – From the very beginning, we have added vertical rigidity to the structure of our saddles to provide better overall weight distribution. We have expanded on this concept by angling this structural element to follow your body’s natural contours while in a tree significantly improving comfort.

Removable Leg Straps – While they are an important safety item in the tree, leg straps are a pain when your busting brush or navigating a swamp for several miles in the dark. Our patent-pending removable leg straps can be tucked away in a pouch while hiking and then attached with a snap at the base of the tree before climbing.

Adjustable Bridge – Our adjustable bridge is built from Dyneema (commonly referred to as Amsteel), one of the strongest fibers on the planet. Lighter and more compact than Oplux, the Method saddle bridge offers a wide range of adjustability for fine-tuning comfort.

Optional two-panel straps – You asked, and we listened. If you prefer a two-panel saddle once in the tree but want to lock in the distance between panels, we have you covered. Dedicated attachment points are now available to do so with our Two-Panel Straps.

Specs & Sizing

Saddle - 28-30oz

Leg Straps - 3oz

Weight Rating - 300 lbs 

Regular Size: Up to 36" waist

XL Size: Waist Size 37"+