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Saddle Hunting Accessories

What accessories do I need for saddle hunting?

Gear Strap -

We believe that every inch of every piece of gear should provide value and purpose within your system. You should never bring more than you need into the woods. The Latitude Gear Strap was designed with this principle in mind. 

At only 3oz, the Gear Strap packs into a tiny package, but organizes all of your necessities in the tree. It comes with 5 removable loops so you can customize your strap and reduce bulk by eliminating unused material. A dedicated backpack attachment provides single-handed adjustability so you can change the height of your pack on the fly and our gated G-hook ensures the strap and your valuable gear are securely fastened to the tree. 

Knee Pads - 

The Method Knee Pads were designed to perform whether your feet are on the ground or in a tree.
  • Vibram® grip cap provides 360-degree, silent traction in wet or dry conditions for ninja-like maneuvers and accurate shots.
  • Extra thick, recovery foam won't bottom out and keeps knees comfortable all day in the tree.
  • Our jointed, ergonomic design will not loosen or fall down while hiking but also packs very small if you prefer to carry your knee pads in.
  • Metal free and velcro free construction eliminates the potential for noise and military grade components ensure you can focus on the hunt.

Back Band -

Maximizing comfort in the tree means less movement, a lower chance of getting busted, and capitalizing when the opportunity you have been waiting for finally arises. At only 3oz and smaller than a cell phone, adding the Back Band to your system is a no brainer. 

The Back Band is contoured to fit the body's natural shape, clips into your carabiner in a snap, and easily adjusts to work with any body type. Compatible with all saddles, this a must have item if you prefer a single-panel style saddle system or if you want to take a pre-dawn nap in your two-panel saddle. 

Two-Panel Straps - 

If you prefer a two-panel saddle once in the tree but want to lock in the distance between panels, we now have you covered. Dedicated attachment points on the lower panel of the Method 2 integrate with our Two-Panel Straps to provide a "set it and forget it" distance between panels. If you are using a 1-stick method to climb the tree, this is an important accessory to add to your system. Compatible with both the Method and Method 2 saddles. 

Webbing Daisy Chain -

Webbing Daisy Chains are a light-weight, compact, and simple-to-use attachment method used as a replacement for bulky, metal, cam buckle straps. The Webbing Daisy Chain is compatible with any climbing stick or saddle platform that uses a versa button-style attachment point. 

Dump Pouches - 

The Classic Dump Pouch - Sized slightly smaller than our Method Dump Pouch, the Classic Dump Pouch was purpose built for the minimalist saddle hunter. Designed for those who need just enough storage space to bring the essentials, an extra wide opening and a robust mesh construction make adding and removing gear very easy. Sized to fit two 8mm ropes.

The Method Dump Pouch - We got tired of using dump pouches that were either loud, flimsy in construction, too small, or have pocket options that just aren't practical for navigating the woods in the dark. The result was our own unique rendition on the traditional saddle hunting dump pouch. This pouch is big enough to fit a 40', 8-9mm rappel rope no problem.