Hosted by David Riley Jr.

The Method Podcast

Who is the best whitetail hunter? Is it the mobile public land hunter? Or is it the private guy who kills a booner every year on his managed property? Is a hunter from PA who kills a 130 every year more skilled than a hunter from Iowa who kills 150s? How about saddle hunters vs. tree stand hunters? Hell, maybe it's just the hunter who's having the best time out there. I'm your host, Dj Riley, and this podcast shares stories and strategies from all types of "the best" hunters out there. You'll recognize some guests, and other guests will be underground legends who consistently kill; or consistently have the best time trying. Public, private, or someone's backyard, we talk about it all. My #1 goal is to not bore you. As a close second, I hope this podcast serves as an entertaining and productive forum for all of us unhinged whitetail hunters out there. Thanks for listening.

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