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Classic 2 Saddle Kit + Speed Series Platform

Everything you need at hunting height. Included is the Classic 2 saddle, Method Dump Pouch, Vapor Line 8mm Tether and Lineman Belt, Gear Strap, and your choice of the Rebel or X-Wing Speed Series platform.

*Delivery in July/August 2022


The Classic 2 Saddle - The Classic 2 is the first and only third party tested, metal free single panel saddle on the planet. Premium features and industry leading weight displacement technology in an ultra-light, metal-free, 20oz package, create a radically comfortable fit and feel. The Classic 2 is streamline, comfortable, and easy to operate. It's so good at what it does, you are likely to forget you're even wearing it. 

Speed Series Platform - At only 2.7 pounds, the Rebel platform delivers the best surface area to weight ratio available. It's pentagon shape supports maneuverability with meticulously designed perimeter edges to counteract gravitational pull into the tree. The rearward facing edges are longer making moves around the tree easier and safer, and their location relative to the pivot point on the post ensures the platform will not uncam when load is applied while taking a backside shot. The X-Wing platform's unique shape is meticulously engineered to enhance maneuverability in the tree, and at only 2.5 pounds, the X-Wing Platform is the premium ultralight saddle platform. The winged design allows you to have a natural, athletic, stance while hunting and brings you closer to the tree for better concealment. The rearward facing edges maximize your ability to take backside shots around the tree, while the center section of the platform is the perfect length if you need to stand up to adjust (or pee). The front facing edge of the wings is perpendicular to the side edge of the platform to counteract gravitational pull into the tree and provide pivoting support for any shot opportunity.

Vapor Line Tether and Lineman Belt - Vapor Line 8mm ropes are the first 8mm ropes on the market developed from the ground up specifically for the rigors of saddle hunting. Designed to deliver maximum strength, durability, and water resistance in the most compact package, Vapor Line 8mm ropes pack incredibly small, include premium carabiners, and are rigged for single-handed operation out of the package so you can minimize bulk without sacrificing safety. 

Gear Strap - At only 3oz, the Gear Strap packs into a tiny package, but organizes all of your necessities in the tree. It comes with 5 removable loops so you can customize your strap and reduce bulk by eliminating unused material. A dedicated backpack attachment provides single-handed adjustability so you can change the height of your pack on the fly and our gated G-hook ensures the strap and your valuable gear are securely fastened to the tree. 

Method Dump Pouch - Sized larger than other options on the market at 13" tall and 7" wide, both your lineman belt and tether will easily fit in a single pouch, opening up your second dump pouch to carry accessories. The Method Dump Pouch also features a zippered front pocket, a D-ring attachment point, and our heavy duty mesh for added durability.