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Climbing Technology RollNLock

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The RollNLock IS NOT TO BE USED as a fall arrest device. NEVER have slack in any rope when using a RollNLock or mechanical ascender device. 


  • For use with ropes from 8-13mm in diameter following EN 892 / EN 1891 standards
  • Weighs 80g/2.82oz
  • Spring operated cam for use as a rope ascender (fig. 1)
  • Sliding lock for use as a pulley (fig. 2)
  • It allows the hauling of light loads (fig. 3)
  • Exceptional use with webbing 10-16 mm, for positioning adjustment (fig. 4)
  • Developed to also work on wet or dirty ropes

Product Instructions

Specific how to use instructions by Climbing Technology are located here

General usage instructions by Climbing Technology are located here